Smart Bro Prepaid & "Plug It"–same dogs with different collars?

Smart Bro prepaid SMART COMMUNICATIONS had its grand launching on Sunday in a noontime show of their latest product–the SMART BRO PREPAID.


Just like the Plug It i was suspecting on the benefits the product could give away to the consumers.


I could see that the SMART BRO PREPAID is just the same dog with a different collar. It’s just a prepaid version of PLUG IT which was launched last year by Smart.


Here are the similarities of Smart Bro Prepaid and Plug It:SMART's Just Plug It

  • Both have an approximate  connection speed of 384kbps (download) and 128kbps(upload)
  • Both use an USB Dongle modem
  • Both have a similar rate: P10/30-minute
  • Both are dependent on the availability of 3G cell sites making it more mobile than the stationary Smart Bro Wi-Fi service.


The only advantage of SMART BRO PREPAID over PLUG IT is its ability to control your budget for the internet. You can load your account with the regular smart prepaid cards or via the electronic load center nearest you.


The SMART BRO PREPAID comes with a SIM card which identify the user in the SMART network.


AGAIN & AGAIN… if you allow me to choose. I would rather use a 3G phone as  a modem for my computer to connect to the internet.


Here are my good reasons:

· 3G/GPRS phone as modem (rate: P10/30-min) with

  same connection speed(384kbps download; 128kbps

  upload) with that of SMART BRO PREPAID and PLUG


· Why pay P799 a month for the Plug It with 40-hour 

  free internet? (799/40= 19.975). The dongle can only 

  be used to connect to the internet while the

  cellphone can be used in many ways if not used as


· Why pay one-time P4,500 for the SMART Bro prepaid

  when you already have a 3G phone.

 The only advantage of using a dongle modem in PLUG IT or SMART BRO prepaid is that you don’t need to recharge it unlike the cellphone that you need to stay alive by using a separate charger.



I’m not saying Smart is deceiving the public. It’s just a trick to lure customers as if the latter can have an advantage using the product. Is it a deception?




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