Though it’s been delayed since January 2008 as promised, finally our09-03-08_1251

 collection of freewares of various PC utility applications is now available.

It’s the HI-TECH ‘TA BAI! PC UTILITY TOOLS COLLECTION compact disc. Although, its initial release is limited to the winners of our

promo quiz, the CD shall be available to everyone at P100 per CD. 

The amount will cover our production expense in producing the CD.

Please send me an SMS (0919-508-8589), email (juntariman@yahoo.com), call me at DYAB (032-422-1953), leave a message/comment at our website  http://profiles.friendster.com/hitechtabai for your orders of the CD.




Below is the summary of the contents of the CD:


DISC CONTENT SUMMARY AVG anti-virus package

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 

· From Grisoft.com

· Can be updated daily via internet or folder (when offline)

· (negative) Not able to locate and eliminate at least a virus—Hakaglan worm.

(ANTI-Spyware Tools) AdAware 2007

· It’s an effective tool against malwares or spywares

· Can be updated online

(ANTI-Spyware Tools) SpyBot Search & Destroy

· Another recommended anti-spyware tool

· Can be updated online

(ANTI-Spyware Tools) AVG Anti-Spyware

· AVG’s version of anti-spyware tool

· It’s a trial version. Real-time protection is limited to certain period. But 

  protection shall continue with manual scan and can be updated daily.

(BROWSER) Maxthon Browser Maxthon logo

· IE(internet explorer)-based browser. Originated in China as a personalized

   browser but evolve into public use and commercial application.

· (personal opinion) The best browser as far as performance:

       § It can block commercial pages. Thus downloading pages is fast

                     § It can block pop-ups and cookies.

                     § Tab browsing

                     § Can be upgraded and updated periodically—free!

                     § (negative) Not supporting Google Web Accelerator Tool and Mcafee Site 


(BROWSER) Google WebAccelerator  Google Web Accelerator

· It is only applicable on Internet Explorer browser

· It speeds up search using the network of Google computers 

  around the world

(GAMES) PC Pranks

· Want to play jokes with friends using your PC? This software is fun and


(GAMES) Want 2 B a Billionaire

· It is spoof of the popular TV game show using the ZTE-NBN deal

  controversy as  its theme

· It’s a powerpoint presentation file


· It’s an “Adobe Photoshop” free version

MS Autoruns

· Microsoft’s tool used to on-off various applications in start-up, services,


· It is a very useful tool but use it with caution as other services you may

  turn  off are essentials in the system.

Object Dock

· It’s a desktop enhancement software

· It’s an adaptation of Apple’s desktop dock where you could find opened

   applications and files


· Small but terrible

· This software can be used in flash drives and MP3/MP4

· It contains portable versions of Mozilla Firefox browser, OpenOffice, a

  spreadsheet, etc.

· You should install it in your portable storage and use it when using

  other PC

  outside. You don’t need to open application in the PC but use instead

  the applications in the PortableApps.

The Ultimate Troubleshooter

· Application is limited to 10 uses only

· It’s a powerful diagnostic tool for your PC

· It’s similar to MS Autoruns but it has more features

USB PC Repair System

· It’s my all-time favorite tool

· Copy the contents of the file in your portable storage or USB flash drive


· Read the guide (found in the Manual-User Guides folder)

(Video Converters) YouTubetoIpod Converter

· Converts Youtube videos to Ipod format

· You can directly convert Youtube video without downloading it first

(Video Converters) FLV2AVI Converter

· Converts FLV (flash video) files to AVI formats

· Youtube video and other flv files downloaded from internet

(Video Converters) FLV player

· Drag your FLV file to the player and it plays automatically

(Video Converters) X-3gp Video Converter

· Converts video to 3gpp formats which have been used in mobile

  phones and gadgets.

(Video Converters) SuperConverter

· Converter from erightsoft.com

· Converts many formats (audio & video) to several formats

YODM 3D 4-Desktop

· Use four different desktop at a time and customize each desktop.

· Good for hiding something while working with your PC hence you can

  easily shift to other desktop if someone go near you.


·  Use it in archiving and compressing files


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