Below are two of my collections of VIDEO CONVERTERS. Click the title of the item or the download links to bring you to the download site. Based on my experience there is no single converter that is capable of converting all formats. Hence, you need two or more converters to choose from.

My MP4 player has a CD converter but the software can not convert flv files to avi. That’s why i need another converter to convert flv to avi so that i could transfer the video file into my MP4 player.


YouTube-Ipod Converter

This freeware from converts your favorite video from youtube to your iPod, Sony PSP or a mobile phone with one mouse click!

The maker of the software promises the downloadable contains no spyware or adware. I have downloaded and tried it.

Visit and download the software from the site.



This is a 100% software from that converts several audio-video formats to various formats or your choice. I have been using it since i downloaded it from the maker’s site. Click the title of this item or here.




  1. Try using the superconverter. Although i had a hard time using superconverter in converting dat files to avi. What i did is convert it first mov (quicktime movie) then i use another converter to convert it to avi or wmv.



  2. JunTar, good day! I pressumed your familiar with fring. How come i can’t access to myGlobe 3G/GPRS for internet in order to function fring, is Globe blocking fring? BTW, my cell is N70 installed with fring so i can use skype talk. Barato ra unta ang calls kay P20 ra man ang hour sa 3G/GPRS, di ba?


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