“application can not be open in win32 mode”

For the past three weeks, i can not directly open my hard drives when i double click it’s icons. I have to navigate to the address bar of the windows explorer to go inside my hard drives.

Everytime i double click the hard drives, this message appears: “application can not be open in win32 mode’.

I made several researches in the net to look for the solution until i found it finally early this week.

I am sharing this with you, perhaps you do have also this problem with your PC.


1. open your notepad and do not write anything in that, just save that as 

    “autorun.inf” (without quotes)

2. Then copy that file to all of your drives for e.g:- c:/, d:/ e.t.c (over wite existing “autorun” file in your drive)

3. Restart your pc

4. Go to your first drive for example c:/ and delete the file autorun.inf

5. do the same thing with all of your drives

6. then restart your pc

I’ve tried it and there’s no reason it wouldn’t work in your PC.  I can already open my hard drives by directly clicking it.

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