HI-TECH ‘TA BAI! is now accepting application (Hi-Tech Men Application Form) for “HI-TECH MEN“– a group of electronics and computer technicians who shall respond to service calls from the Hi-Tech ‘Ta Bai! listeners.

Only those who are currently employed in companies or service shops are qualified to join HI-TECH MEN.

Service calls are charged according to the standard rates set by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) for service shops.

HI-TECH MEN project is aimed to provide extra income to employed technicians who are in the field of electronics and computers or have been in the area of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

HOW SERVICE CALLS WORK?panoramic view of DYAB's announcer's booth

Potential customers shall call during the radio program–HI-TECH ‘TA BAI! on Sundays to consult first their service problems for assessment and possible deployment of HI-TECH MEN crew.

After a service call assessment, the program host, Jun Tariman, shall ask HI-TECH MEN who are monitoring the program to confirm (thru text or land line call) their availability and commitment to respond to the service call.

No service calls shall be entertained outside the program period to avoid prank calls and fraud by interested individuals.

Our contact details:

DYAB‘s on-air-phone : (632)422-1953; (632)422-1950 DYAB logo

HI-TECH ‘TA BAI! mobile hotline : (63)927-474-0196

Download the Hi-Tech Men Application Form now! Email the accomplished application form to juntariman@yahoo.com


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