Four Desktops in 3D on one PC!

I’ve found this item in a blog by Michael Heyen. It’s an amazing enhancement for our PC. I have a similar software that is also capable of generating four desktops. But it’s not capable of a 3D-rotation when you change from one desktop to another.

In Yodm 3D, you can also assigned different desktop background for each desktop. You can work in every desktop with the same icons for your applications.

Download the zip file found in the Media Box found at the bottom of Hi-Tech ‘Ta Bai!’s profile page.

Michael Heyen has this introduction of his product:

Yodm 3D

Yodm 3D stands for "Yet anOther Desktop Manager 3D" and is a virtual desktop manager with the fashionable cube effect. It basically implements a 3d desktop change effect which is nearly standard within all unix/linux distributions. However this program is smart, fast and free of charge. Try the little application and you will love it.

Release notes
Product name: Yodm 3D
Compatibility: Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista
Latest version: 1.32
License: Freeware

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