LGKU250 as Internet Modem

Hi, i’m posting here an email from Smart sent to one of our listeners–Cris Jala who was inquiring how to configure his LGKU250 as an internet modem. Cris was able to connect at 460.8kbps speed. 

Steps on how to install PC Suite:

    1. Run [LGInstaller.exe] and click the [Install LG PC Suite] button, or double-click [Setup.exe] in the [LGPCSuite] folder if the installer is not displayed.
    2. When the language selection window appears, select your preferred language and press the [OK] button to proceed with the next step.
    3. When the installation main window appears, press the [Next] button to proceed with the next step.
    4. In the installation path window, you can check the default installation path. Press the [Next] button to proceed with the next step. If you want to change the installation path, press the [Change] button to select a desired path.
    5. When the installation preparation is done, press the [Next] button to start the installation.
    6. When the installation is done, press the [Finish] button to automatically install the USB modem driver. When done, the whole installation process is completed.

Steps on how to use handset as modem:

    1. Attach the phone to the PC or laptop using the USB cable that comes with the LG KU250 handset kit.
    2. A "Found new hardware Wizard" pop-up window shall open after connecting the phone to the PC.
    3. Select bullet with "Install the software automatically", then click on "Next".
    4. Your computer will search for "LGE Mobile USB Serial Port". Once it’s found, click on the "Finish" button.
    5. Open the LG PC Suite to use the handset as a modem.

Steps on how to connect to the internet:

    1. From the LG PC Suite main screen, choose "Internet Kit" from the "File" drop down menu.
    2. When it’s your first time to use the Internet Kit, you’d be prompted to fill up a profile. The info on the profile is needed to connect to the internet.
    3. Here are the info you need to fill up in the profile:

      a. Enter value on the various fields to connect to network.

      Country Other
      Network Provider
      Call Type
      Call Number
      *99# or *99***1#
      User Name
      Leave as blank
      Leave as blank

      b. If you are finished, click [OK] button.

    4. You’ll be reverted back to the internet kit screen. Click on connect.
    5. If network connection is successful, message "Successful connection" appears on the lower part of the screen and program switches into Tray mode.

  • *NOTE
    1. There must be at least one profile that has been created at the time you try to connect to network.
    2. If you click Connect directly on the startup execution screen, Connection will be made with the profile with which you tried to connect to the network last time.


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