Hi, i have uploaded the file "PC REPAIR SYSTEM" on my media box in this profile. A WIDGETS is found on the media box which link to the site of the file. This is a USB Drive Utility System Tool which you can use in maintaining your personal computer.

This is a zip file which you have to extract its content to your USB vault storage. Why store it in your USB vault storage? It is because the 37 softwares on it are stand alones–meaning it can run even if the softwares are just in the USB vault and need not to be installed in your PC.

Of course, you can also install it in your PC and run if from there. But if you are a space-conscious computer savvy, then running it from the USB drive is preferred. Besides, you can bring it along with you and use it in other PCs outside from your home or office.

I had discussed the PC Repair System during my radio program–"HI TECH TA BAI!" last Sunday, April 29, 2007 over DYAB 1512 in Cebu and give you some insights on some of the softwares.

Again, be extra careful in running the softwares since some of it may completely delete your files and make some of the applications in your system inutile. The makers of the software are sharing these to us and are not liable for any damages to our PC system. So, we should be very careful in running it. Follow instruction.

Here are some of it to give you an idea on how to run it:

RESTORATION–This is an amazing software. It scans your hard disk for the deleted files no longer found in your recycle bin. After scanning and displaying the deleted files, you can restore it by copying the deleted files in the selected folder. Hurrah! Your deleted files are once again alive and usable. I tried restoring a document, a video and an audio clips. Everything works as normal. This software only proves that your deleted files are not completely vanished from your hard drive. It stays there, sleeping and waiting for someone to restore it. BEWARE!!!! Your scandalous pictures or videos might be restored and be made public by somebody…. ha… ha… Of course, i don’t want that to happen to you. Another amazing function of RESTORATION is its ability to COMPLETELY DELETE the deleted files you have scanned. So, it could no longer be retrieved via RESTORATION and make you in a comfortable state.

ERASER–This software may help RESTORATION in completely deleting your unwanted files. Hence the deleted files can have magnetic traces in the hard disk, it is very probable that it can be restored. ERASER will overwrite the deleted files several times using tested method to make it unretrievable. This method is used by cyber crime investigators of the CIA and FBI in the USA.

LSASECRETSVIEW– This software tells the passwords in your PC. So, this tool is for spies only.

There are other softwares that i could no longer discussed here. Try study it by yourself. Open the "read me" or "help" files in each software so that you will know the description and function of each software.

One thing more for you–the "DCOT MENU" software is a menu system design for USB drive. It will list all the applications in the USB once you click the DCOT MENU icon in the tray. Click the DCOT menu file to activate the icon in the tray.

Enjoy the PC Repair System. Goodluck.


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